CRazy Math World

 Schedule of Activities/Topics
   Dec 11 - 15, 2017
* learn how to perform an investigation in Math
  * understand the command terms describe, suggest and verify.

  * simplify expressions with exponents

 ATL: Understand and use mathematical notations (communication)
             Make effective summary notes for studying. (communication)

Unit 2 - Simplify Me!

MYP Assessment Objectives:
Criterion A (Knowing and Understanding) -
i. select appropriate mathematics when solving problems
    ii. apply the selected mathematics successfully when solving problems
. solve problems correctly in both familiar and unfamiliar situations in a variety of contexts 
Criterion B (Investigating) -
 ii. describe patterns as relationships and/or general rules consistent with findings
. verify and justify relationships and/or general rules

Math Concepts:
Algebra Vocabulary                                                            Radicals (Square roots, Cube roots etc)
Writing algebraic expressions                                            Pythagorean Theorem
simplifying algebraic expressions                                      Simplifying radical expressions
Laws of Exponents
Scientific Notation

Learning Resources:

Algebra Vocabulary

Product Notation Presentation

Combine Like Terms Presentation


Unit 1 - Measurement and Transformation

MYP Assessment Objectives:
 Criterion A (Knowing and Understanding) -
   i. select appropriate mathematics when solving problems
    ii. apply the selected mathematics successfully when solving problems
   iii. solve problems correctly in both familiar and unfamiliar situations in a variety of contexts
 Criterion C (Communicating) -
     i. use appropriate mathematical language (notations, symbols, and terminology) in both oral and written
    iv. communicate complete and coherent mathematical lines of reasoning
 Criterion D (Applying Mathematics in Real-life Context) -
    ii. select appropriate mathematical strategies when solving authentic real-life situations
   iii. apply the selected mathematical strategies successfully to reach a solution 

Math Concepts:
area and surface area
transformation ( rotation, translation, reflection, dilation)

Learning Resources

   Circumference and Area of a Circle video                           Circumference and Area Presentation                 Measurement workbook

   Area of rectangle video                                                      Area of Composite Shapes presentation            

   Area of triangle video                                                Surface Area of Cones and Spheres Presentation         SA Cone & Sphere Practice

   Area of trapezoid video                                               Volume of Prism Presentation                                    Volume of Prism Practice Sheet

   Area of composite shape video                                     Volume of Pointed Figures Presentation                     Volume of Pointed figures Practice

   Surface Area of Prisms video                                       Volume of a Sphere Presentation

   Surface Area of Cylinders video

   Surface Area of a Cone video

   Surface Area of a Sphere video

   Volume of Prisms video

   Volume of Pointed Figures video

   Volume of a Sphere video

   Translation Video

   Reflection Video

   Rotation Video

   Dilation Video

math is all around us